Sustainability in Contract Electronics Manufacturing

At OCM Manufacturing, we are concerned about the natural environment and we take steps-as individuals and as an organization-to respect our planet. We believe that sustainability is possible to achieve in contract electronics manufacturing, and we strive toward that end.

Our proactive efforts toward environmental sustainability include the following:

paperless-lgReduce – our company is nearly 100% paperless through efforts such as effective document management. It’s an initiative that our leadership continues to drive forward in our effort to help the environment. It’s believed to have had an effect on the productivity of the company too as less time is spent on filing. Head to for more information, but the most effective way of going paperless is using a computer system to store and manage all of your documents and files. This all but completely removes the need to print anything off. We also participate in the ENERNOC demand response hydro-electricity program.

recycling-zone_160pxsqRecycle – we recycle a broad range of materials, including packaging materials. This employee-led initiative is funded by OCM.

Global action – export-manufacturers have a responsibility to meet environmental regulations around the globe. We were the first contract electronics manufacturer in Canada to offer lead-free manufacturing. Our manufacturing processes in North America and China are also compatible with Europe’s RoHS requirements.