China Labour Practices

OCM Manufacturing is the North American partner of Baja, a Western/Chinese Product Development and Manufacturing firm based in Southern China. The following outlines the Chinese labour practices observed by Baja.

Introduction to Baja

Baja Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) product development and manufacturing firm based in South China. Our research and production centers are geared for small batch and customized products with very high quality as well as moderately large batch production with high quality requirements. We offer end-to-end outsourcing solutions for product design, prototyping, plastic injection molding, printed circuit boards (PCBs), manufacturing, assembly, packaging with heat shrink wrap and other materials, and shipping.

Baja is located in Zhuhai, one of China’s first Special Economic Zones (SEZ), on the west side of the Pearl River Delta. Macau is located directly to the south while Hong Kong and Shenzhen are across the delta to the east. Zhuhai has a population of approximately 1,500,000.

Baja is committed to the highest standards in our business practices, labor practices, environmental practices, and the health and safety of our employees. Among Baja’s efforts to ensure our compliance with China’s labor and environmental laws and international best practices are:

  • IS0 9001:2012 certification
  • Internal and external operational audits
  • Employee code of conduct
  • Online access to policies and procedures
  • Employee training and probation period

Baja’s compliance with China’s labor requirements and practices

Baja endeavours to treat its workers fairly with appropriate salaries, a clean and safe work environment, and good living conditions for employees utilizing company accommodations. Companies looking to do the same can find information here about safety and risk management to create a safe work environment.

Although China is still a developing country, it has strict labor laws that are intended to prevent the exploitation of and discrimination against its workers. Baja embraces these laws, and has implemented policies and procedures that are intended to ensure our compliance with these laws. Furthermore, we will not knowingly transact business with vendors or clients who willfully violate China’s labor laws.

China’s fundamental labor laws are:

  • Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China
  • Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China

Please see “Introduction to China’s Labor Laws” below.

Baja’s offices and factories are located in the Zhuhai CEIEC Hi-tech Industrial Park, which is owned by China National Electronics Import & Export Corp., a Chinese government company. Consequently, Baja’s facilities are inspected on a regular basis by the industrial park’s inspectors, and the Zhuhai government’s inspectors.

Baja’s compliance with China’s environmental requirements and practices

Baja recognizes and accepts its responsibility to conduct its operations in an environmentally sound manner complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Environmental compliance is not the exclusive responsibility of any one individual, office or department. Consequently, every individual and department is responsible for assuring direct compliance with company policies and procedures and associated environmental regulations.

Baja is committed to preserving and improving Zhuhai’s “Garden City” environment. We strive to continuously improve of our production methods to reduce waste and manage water responsibly. Furthermore, we will not knowingly transact business with vendors or clients who willfully violate China’s environmental laws. As a business, working with a china sourcing agent is highly recommended if you want to maintain a high level of compliance.

In keeping with Baja’s commitment to green production methods, we manufacture products conforming to the following international certifications:

  • CE
  • UL
  • MDD