Industries We Serve
Electronics Manufacturing Services

OCM Manufacturing provides electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for low-to mid-volume products of all kinds, as well as turnkey product development for industrial controls. Our expertise and experience encompass the manufacture of electronics.

Learn more about our experience in each of these areas, or contact us directly to discuss your contract electronics manufacturing needs.

Transportation Industry

Our experience includes the manufacture of products for power generation systems used in vehicles, railway switch heaters, tire monitoring devices, terminal automation systems, automotive performance systems, and others. Read More >


We are experienced in the manufacture of systems such as telecommunications test equipment, bore hole monitoring systems, electronic test instruments, seismographic instruments, gas monitoring instruments, and others. Read More >

Communication Systems

Our portfolio includes assemblies for systems such as optical transport systems, telecommunications line cards, specialized telecommunications equipment for high-voltage environments, RF smart-card readers, mobile data systems to the taxi and black-car industries, wi-fi networked systems, RF modems, and others. Read More >

Military & Security Systems

These are just a few examples of the assemblies we have manufactured for military and security applications: personnel protection systems, bomb and ordinance detection and disposal, perimeter intrusion detection systems, encryption systems, and others. Read More >


For the mining industry, we have manufacturing experience in systems such as blast control and monitoring systems, oil and gas pump controllers, cap lamp systems, digital communication systems, and others. Read More >

Oil and Gas

Our experience in the oil and gas sector includes the manufacture of products such as oil and gas pump controllers, fuel -terminal automation systems, and others.  Read More >

Medical Equipment

We are experienced in the manufacture of medical equipment, such as medical imaging devices, radiation therapy equipment, vision assist systems, hearing assist systems, and others. Read More >

Consumer Electronics

We manufacture low- to mid-volume consumer electronics products, including systems such as swimming pool safety devices for children and pets, home energy management products, VGA image sharing and broadcasting products, interactive white boards, and others. Read More >

Renewable Energy

For the clean-tech sector, we have experience manufacturing products such as smart grid environmental controls/thermostats, solvent recycling systems, power monitoring and control systems, water recycling systems, Genset synchronization systems, positioning control modules (single- and multi-axis), and others. Read More >