POSTPONED: Reducing Cyber Risk Exposure when Developing Cyber-Physical Systems: Engineering Mixer & Luncheon

Due to illness, we regrettably must postpone this event. We’ll update this page and our email list when we have a new date.

Topic Summary

Cybersecurity is the protection of valuable assets and as such must be integrated into core engineering processes. A major difference between traditional design, development, maintenance, test, and use of cyber-physical systems and cyber protection of those same systems is a change in the assumptions about circumstances and what can be trusted.

Prior to cybersecurity concerns, engineers usually trusted that the information, tools, and systems used were developed by well-meaning people to do the intended function and any errors were caused by human mistakes or hardware/software issues. Real malicious intent was rarely considered or identified, and any indications of such intent probably would have been attributed to a cause other than a cyber-attack.

Protecting systems from cyber-attacks depends on challenging and changing old assumptions and carefully examining each element to ensure items and circumstances are understood and secured. This changes the way systems are analyzed for cybersecurity and the way protections can and should be applied.

In this session, you will be presented with a new paradigm: incorporating risk analysis into the engineering process, resulting in security built-in versus security bolted-on.

Djenana CamparaAbout the Speaker

Djenana Campara is CEO and Founder at KDM Analytics. An expert cyber security consultant with over 20 years of experience and leadership in the software engineering field, Ms. Campara is an active member in the Object Management Group (OMG) international standard body. She co-authored the de facto textbook on cybersecurity, System Assurance: Beyond Detecting Vulnerabilities.

Previously, Ms Campara was CTO and chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Klocwork, a company that she founded in 2001 through a successful spin-out from Nortel Networks. She has been awarded four U.S. patents for her groundbreaking static analysis and formalization techniques that were implemented in Klocwork’s products.


11:00 am – doors open, lunch & refreshments

11:30 am – presentation session

12:30pm – Q&A, networking

Lunch will be served: Food and refreshments will be served, and there will be lots of time for networking.

Manufacturing Tours: Tours of OCM’s manufacturing operations will be offered after the event.

The event is free but space is limited, so an R.S.V.P is required.

Contact Information:

George Henning
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