Commuter Challenge Winners Congratulated

13 participants made OCM’s 2006 Commuter Challenge a success

OCM Manufacturing congratulates the winners – and all 13 participants – of the company’s 2006 Commuter Challenge.

The contest, run by OCM President Michel Jullian, was conceived to encourage staff to find “greener” ways to commute to work for Canadian Environment Week. Of the 13 participants, staff voted for the three who they felt made the greatest environmental impact or effort. In total, the participants represented nearly 400 daily kilometers of commuting distance each day.

The participants contributed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Car pooling
  • Walking, biking, or jogging
  • Taking public transport

The three winners were:

  • Dung Phuong Ha (front row, forth from right), who has used public transport for 20 years, and who regularly carpools to work.
  • Brian Horner (back row, second from right). Brian entered the Challenge with aspirations of cycling 120 kms each day, but a broken bicycle foiled his plans on the first day. His peers rewarded him for his regular practise of taking three buses to work each day.
  • Vannak Meas (back row, third from left), who cycled to work for the week, and carpooled in the rain.

Ha wins the grand prize of a full year of home electricity paid for by Dr. Jullian, provided that the electricity is derived from renewable energy sources.

Horner wins second prize, a year’s worth of home cleaning supplies from Melaleuca, an environmentally friendly supplier.

Meas received third prize: $150 worth of organic products from Loblaws supermarket.

Dr. Jullian also participated, cycling 35 kms each way to and from work for the week.


Contact Information:

Shaun Markey