Dealing with the Dragon: Canadian companies must find a way into China

By Michel Jullian for the Globe & Mail online

Small and mid-size companies in North America have been slow to investigate China as part of their business models when designing, developing, and assembling electronics-based products. While the large players (Alcatel, Nortel, etc.) have been in China for years, it was perhaps initially too risky for smaller companies to pioneer. Today that’s no longer the case — the time is right for every North American manufacturer to find its way in China.

We ventured into the Chinese market three years ago to form relationships on behalf of our customers, who are small- and mid-size manufacturers of low- to mid-volume electronics products. We believed that, given the right model, smaller organizations could also benefit from China’s low labour costs. Our experience has been entirely positive and it reveals some dos and don’ts for entering China as a smaller player.

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