Short Papers

Concise and useful information and tips for companies who develop low- to mid-volume high-tech products.

Powerful Circuit Test: ICT & Flying Probe

For complex electronics assemblies or those that target high-reliability applications, in-circuit test (ICT) is a great choice. But the type of ICT used – fixtured or flying probe – will depend on a variety of factors and trade-offs that we address in this paper. Go >

Consignment vs. Turnkey Manufacturing – Cost-Benefit Analysis

When evaluating the options of using either a consigned or a turnkey manufacturing outsourcing model, many companies fail to factor in many of the costs of consignment. This short paper will assist you in calculating the true cost of managing materials under both a consignment and turnkey model, including overhead, hard costs, and assumed risks.  Go >

When Two Heads are Better Than One: Design for Manufacturing

This short paper examines some widely held myths that most frequently lead to harmful or fatal discoveries during the manufacturing phase, with examples given for each. The paper outlines five top best practices of DFM as a means of illustrating the kind of early-stage guidance that a CM can provide with relatively minimal effort.  Go >

Optimizing the Clean-Tech Manufacturing Mix

This short paper considers the unique characteristics of the renewable energy and clean-tech sectors and explore how a smartly optimized electronics manufacturing outsourcing model can help OEMs accelerate their time-to-market and support their cost-per-kilowatt reduction goals. Go >

Guarding Against Materials Shortages

This short paper provides best practices to buffer your product lines from the risks associated with a global supply shortage, such as the one experienced in 2010/2011.  Go >