Building Meaningful Products

Every product that we manufacture and which successfully meets its customers’ needs is meaningful in some way. But there are certain products that we’ve had a hand in that we’ve found particularly gratifying to work on because they have the potential to improve quality of life, or even to save lives.

As we reflect on our 25 years in the electronics manufacturing space, a few in particular stand out as products that help people:

Medical Devices
Over the years, we have manufactured electronic assemblies for a variety of medical devices, such as devices that control medical imaging equipment, blood irradiators, and DNA analyzers. Not only does it feel good to contribute to products that we know help people medically, but mission-critical medical devices also present an exciting challenge to everyone involved in their design and manufacturing. They must meet stringent standards for reliability, operation, and safety.

Parachute De-Reefer
A parachute de-reefing device is used on cargo parachutes to slow the inflation period to prevent parachute damage during an air cargo drop of supplies or equipment. We manufacture one for Airlift Technologies International (ATI), and it’s nice to know that our work may be contributing to individuals receiving critical supplies when they are most needed, such as during natural disasters and other crises.

Safety Devices
It is gratifying to be involved in the production of a variety of potentially life-saving devices, including:

  • A wireless “immersion alarm” designed to keep children safe when they are near pools and open water safe.
  • Protective suits that keep military personnel safe.
  • Sensors that identify potential concussions to help first-responders administer the most effective treatment, and to keep parents and coaches informed about team member health.

These are just a few of the products we manufacture that serve to improve or contribute to saving human lives. Please talk to us about your electronics manufacturing needs—we’re ready for the next 25 years of providing excellent service and support to OEMs! –