Industrial Control Engineering Offload

An Ontario manufacturer of a new personal safety product needed a manufacturer to work closely with them to ready and launch a new innovation, while also supporting their anticipated post-market-introduction volume requirements. They selected OCM Manufacturing to provide design for manufacturing (DFM) feedback, prototyping, supply chain management, and initial production runs. As sales of the product scaled, we then managed the transition to high-volume manufacturing in China.

With our support, the client successfully introduced an innovative new consumer product to North American markets and achieved sufficient sales success to be acquired three years of the initial launch.

The key to our ability to offer seamless volume transition to China lies in a long-standing process, relationships, and annual on-site due diligence with our partners and suppliers there. We support our Chinese operation with equipment upgrades, feedback on manufacturing set-up, and the processes. In particular, we require our partners in China to meet the same quality processes and standards that we use here in Canada.

All project support is managed at our Canadian headquarters, and we control all project and product documentation here. This ensures that communication remains clear and effective, resulting in efficient delivery and virtually eliminates delays due to errors.

Thanks to these established processes, our client’s volume transition to China was seamless. We continue to manage the project, including all communications, issue resolution, documentation, first samples, quality assurance, approvals, and visits to China as required.

If you have a new product that requires localized support through the introduction phase, but expect to reach high volumes in the future, talk to us. We can likely service your early, low- to mid-volume production needs with a seamless transition plan as your product sales scale.