Reducing Downtime with Preventative Maintenance

SMT-Line-Wide_500pxAn overview of OCM Manufacturing’s proactive maintenance program

All machines need regular maintenance to run at peak performance. In an automated electronic manufacturing environment, preventative maintenance is especially beneficial. Not only can it minimize downtime and ensure smooth operations, it can also reduce costs by extending the life of important equipment.

Proactive Preventative Maintenance at OCM
At OCM Manufacturing we’ve developed custom management software that manages equipment maintenance schedules on all lines, controls maintenance tasks, and determines optimal maintenance schedules. The system alerts the appropriate staff – and supervisor – when a maintenance task is due … and continues the reminders if required. The system also manages and documents maintenance sign-offs and records maintenance and administrative details such as notes and signoffs for each activity. This information is stored virtually for easy retrieval and to support our paperless organization and processes.

Back-up Planning
Even with a robust preventative maintenance program in place, machines can break down unexpectedly – as any car owner knows. While a strong maintenance program will reduce downtime, it is still necessary to have repair equipment available on hand. To shorten repair times and avoid the need to source replacement parts on short notice, OCM keeps a consistent stock of key machine parts on site at all times.

By combining an automated preventative maintenance program with the human touch of responsive and trained staff, we are able to pre-empt equipment-related troubles, resulting in more consistent and reliable contract manufacturing services to customers.