Working with OCM Manufacturing

OEMs that have never worked with a contract electronics manufacturer often have questions about how – and when – to engage with the manufacturer. When a customer brings a new product to OCM, we use a multi-step process to determine the ideal manufacturing strategy:

  1. “Get-to-know-you” Session: Our manufacturing and engineering experts sit down with the OEM to ensure that we understand not only the product, but also the business goals and manufacturing expectations (e.g. delivery times, budgets, etc.). This session sets the stage for the relationship and provides a baseline for success that can be referred to throughout the manufacturing process.
  2. Documentation Review: Our manufacturing team reviews all product schematics, concept drawings, bill of materials, assembly drawings, etc. to gain a thorough understanding of the product’s specific manufacturing and part needs. (Refer to these best practices for preparing documentation: Read >>)
  3. Design for Manufacturing (DFM): We will review the “manufacturability” of the electronics product design. This ensures that the design can be cost-effectively manufactured and tested with consistently high levels of quality. We will suggest ways to reduce the manufacturing cost by reducing manual labour, identifying areas where less costly components may suffice, or recommending design improvements that will provide the required performance.We will flag any potential barriers to successful commercialization. For example, if a design is labour-intensive, difficult to install or maintain, or requires hard-to-come-by or single-source components, it may not be possible to manufacture cost effectively. We work with OEMs to explain and address such issues before production begins.The DFM phase may also lead to recommendations to take advantage of new components and materials that may make the product more appealing to target customers, or more versatile for a wider range of applications.

In short, at OCM Manufacturing we don’t simply fill manufacturing orders – we take the time to understand the product long before manufacturing begins. This approach allows us to help our OEM customers translate innovative ideas into products that can be successfully commercialized, marketed, manufactured and sold.