Managed Offshore Electronics Manufacturing

Baja-Assembly-Workshop_Banner-750pxSince 2004, OCM Manufacturing has maintained established operations in China that provide manufacturers of low- to mid-volume electronics in North America with the opportunity to take advantage of low-cost Asian labour. A single point of contact here in Canada ensures excellent communication, high quality products, on-time delivery, and warranty service and support.

Our Asia team provides:

Product Design & Protoyping

Baja-Office_vert-750pxOur Managed Offshore Electronics Manufacturing services can take your electronics-based product idea from concept to reality. This includes:

  • Concept development based on an idea for a new product – whether the concept is in the form of a sketch, a design, or an initial prototype
  • Design services, including mechanical / packaging design servicesRapid prototyping services
  • Complete documentation and schematics

Sourcing & Assembly

Baja_Plug-in-AssemblyLine_Vert-500pxBased on approved design documents (provided by you or by us through our Design & Prototyping service), our Asia team can provide low-cost, high-quality, efficient sourcing of materials and full assembly services. This is backed up by our Ottawa, Ontario-based manufacturing facility when required.

Asia sourcing and assembly services include:

  • Sourcing of high-labor-content components, including bare PCBs, wire harnessing, custom
  • LCD displays and custom metals and plastics
  • Asian PCB assembly and test services, particularly for products that require high levels of manual assembly
  • Asian full system assembly and test services

Quality Assurance

Our unique model ensures that your products will be delivered on schedule and with the same quality assurance that they would receive if assembled on our own shop floor. This is provided for with:

  • A local presence in China that ensures OCM’s North American standards of quality are met before any product is shipped
  • Local documentation support, project management, and quality control functions in China
  • Regular visits to all prospective suppliers as part of our selection and due diligence process
  • Frequent product inspections before they are shipped off – see for more details.
  • Yearly in-person inspection and re-qualification of all Asian suppliers

Because OCM remains the single point of contact at our facility in Ottawa, Canada, customers that take advantage of our Asian sourcing program continue to receive the high service and responsiveness normally associated with local manufacturing. Our Ottawa facility also provides a back-up assembly option in emergency situations that may arise, as well as warranty service and support.

China Labour Practices

Our operations in China comply with China’s labour and environmental laws and international best practices. Learn more >>

Go Offshore With Us

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