PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly at OCM Manufacturing

OCM Manufacturing offers high-quality turnkey or consigned PCB assembly services for low- to mid-volume electronics. More information about this type of electronic manufacturing process can be found over at https://www.mktpcb.com/pcb-fab/heavy-copper-pcb/. In fact, our production facility is a high-efficiency shop for electronic assembly services from board to box.

We are experienced with flex, rigid, and rigid/flex products; surface mount and pin through-hole; double-sided and mixed technologies:

  • Ultra fine pitch devices
  • Discrete packages as small as 0201
  • Device programming
  • Water soluble and no-clean chemistries
  • Ball grid array (BGA) and microBGA
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • X-Ray inspection
  • Soldering: hand solder, wave solder, reflow
  • Conformal coating, potting, casting
  • Comprehensive electronics test services

In addition, we can also perform full electronics system assembly.

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Please contact us for details and to discuss your PCB assembly or full system assembly needs.

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