Why Choose OCM

Our customers choose us for a number of reasons – these are just a few:

High-quality manufacturing services for niche products

For more than 25 years we have specialized in the manufacture of niche electronics products. We are optimized for your low- to mid-volume business-and that means we won’t shunt your order because a multi-million dollar deal comes along.


We are very flexible in many ways, making us easy to work with. For example, we can provide either turnkey or consignment manufacturing fulfillment. Through our Asian operation, we can blend the benefits of offshore manufacturing into our services if it makes the best economic sense to do so.

Open and accessible

We’re easy to work with and we work hard to be that way. Your assigned Program Manager will be responsive via phone or email. We are always happy to have conversations with you about product planning and strategy. And, we have an open-book pricing policy. Please talk to us!

Professional and capable

We don’t cut corners. We provide a full spectrum of modern electronics manufacturing services and capabilities, including automated assembly (SMT), test, and more. At OCM Manufacturing, your low- to mid-volume product will get the same attention, quality, and service that high-volume products receive from high-volume manufacturers.

Local presence

Niche products are best manufactured and serviced close to their customers and end-users. Not only do we provide North American customers with local service and support, but we are also partner to a number of overseas customers who sell their products here. They choose us to better understand their North American markets and to provide localized service and after-market support to their North American customers.