Conflict Minerals Policy

left-mineralsOperating since 1988, OCM Manufacturing provides electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for low-to mid-volume products of all kinds, as well as turnkey product development for industrial controls. Our customers are established original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) developing new or transitioning existing product lines.

The following addresses OCM Manufacturing’s position on “Conflict Minerals”.


Conflict Minerals (3TG) is a term that describes minerals, the trade of which the United Nations Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has found to be helping to finance the civil conflict in the DRC — a conflict characterized by extreme levels of violence, particularly sexual-and gender-based violence. Conflict minerals include: Columbite-Tantalite (Coltan/Tantalum), Cassiterite (Tin), Wolframite (Tungsten) and Gold.


We support the intentions of this legislation and the commitment to avoiding the direct or indirect financial support of civil conflicts in the DRC. As a private company, OCM Manufacturing is not required to file reports with the SEC. In addition, we do not often specify the components use in our customers’ products.

Although we are not directly subject to these rules around Conflict Minerals, they are, in our opinion, best practice for all manufacturers in North America and the world. Therefore:

  • In situations where the supply chain is within our control, we will require declarations of origin from our suppliers of materials that are not listed in the customer’s Bill of Materials, thereby ensuring transparency in our supply chain.
  • We will pass this information to our customers and jointly with them will make the best decisions about the purchase of materials.
  • We will communicate to help make our customers aware of 3TG and the human rights issues surrounding Conflict Minerals.

In addition, we will strive to choose suppliers who source from socially responsible suppliers, and we ask that our suppliers provide a copy of their conflict minerals sourcing statements.

George Henning, President
OCM Manufacturing