Electronics Test & PCB Test Services

Functional electronics test

Functional electronics test set-up

To develop a successful product, you must be able to test it. We offer electronics test and PCB test services, design for test, test planning, and test development based in our facility. Our electronics test services include:

  • AOI – automated optical inspection
  • MVI – manual visual inspection
  • X-ray inspection (automated and manual)
  • ICT – flying probe More information about this service >>
  • Functional/system testing
  • DFT – design for test analysis and test planning assistance
  • Test development
SPEA Flying Probe Tester at OCM Manufacturing, Ottawa

SPEA Flying Probe Tester at OCM Manufacturing, Ottawa

Your data from electronics test on certain equipment can also be automatically collected and captured into a network database for fast and accurate analysis and archiving.

In addition to electronics test and inspection, we employ important quality controls. Every assembly passing through our facility is bar-coded and tracked through the entire process. This ensures adherence to the quality control plan and provides a means of collecting data for process improvement.

Test With Us

Please contact us for details about electronic test services. We look forward to understanding your specific project and recommending the optimal test strategy.

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