OCM Manufacturing to Build Electro-Mechanical Parachute De-Reefer

Device will prevent parachute damage during air cargo drops

OCM Manufacturing, an Ottawa-based contract electronics manufacturer, today announced that the company will design and manufacture the electronics assembly for a new product by Airlift Technologies International (ATI), a Division of Pioneer Aerospace Corp., Zodiac Aerospace owned Companies. The de-reefing device is used on cargo parachutes to slow the inflation period to prevent parachute damage during an air cargo drop of supplies or equipment.

George Henning, OCM President, said: “We are pleased to be selected as Airlift Technologies International / Pioneer Aerospace’s electronics design and manufacturing partner for this product. The company’s de-reefer provides military supply-aircraft operators with an innovative solution to increase the success of cargo drops. The de-reefer addresses a compelling business challenge for a niche target market – this is an area in which Canadian manufacturers excel, and we excel at supporting innovative OEMs like ATI/PAC Zodiac.”

Bryon L. Woram, Director Contracts, at Airlift Technologies International said, “We chose OCM Manufacturing to assist us with the electronics design, prototyping and manufacture of our new de-reefer timer product because of their commitment to performance. ATI is very pleased with the quality of their work and their responsive customer support.”

The ATI electro-mechanical de-reefer offers a number of advantages over traditional single-use pyrotechnic de-reefers. It is reusable and safer to use, and is very cost effective compared to single-use, discard-style HazMat pyrotechnic devices.

About OCM Manufacturing
Founded in 1988, OCM Manufacturing is an Ottawa based company that specializes in contract electronics manufacturing for low- and mid-volume product lines. The company specializes in turnkey services, including printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and test, full system assembly, test, supply chain management, warranty administration, field return servicing and other after-market services. The company recently completed an expansion of its Ottawa facility. With double the capacity, OCM can now better respond to increased and more diversified product requirements. OCM is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

About ATI & Zodiac
Airlift Technologies International, Inc. is a U.S. corporation based in Milton, Florida. ATI is an approved U.S. Government manufacturing and engineering company that specializes in the design and production of aerial delivery systems, airdrop qualification testing, airdrop load design, systems related logistic support, and complete and comprehensive training of all ground and air crew personnel involved in cargo airdrops. ATI is clearly recognized as the world leader in Air Cargo Delivery System Technology.

Zodiac Aerospace set out to master the elements in 1896, as an aeronautical firm developing airships and airplanes. In the 1930s, the company invented the concept of the inflatable boat, whose commercial success after World War II established the Zodiac brand image. Its growth strategy since the late 1970s has enhanced Zodiac’s recognition, shaping the company into a diversified corporation with a worldwide presence and a blue-chip stock. After the divestment of the Marine activities in September 2007, the Group is now refocused on aerospace.

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